Sothys: Active ContourTM

The area around the eye contours shows the first signs of ageing. Skin around the eye region is the most fragile area of the body being extremely thin. It is essential to prevent the deterioration of this sensitive area by using an eye contour care from 25 years old onwards. Active-Contour™, a global eye contour programme, is specially developed to care for the sensitive and delicate eye area.

Active ContourTM Destressing Mask

This translucent gel mask for any moment of the day reduces swelling of eyelids, providing the eye area with a soothing effect.


Active Contour™ Tensor Gel

A fresh, energizing gel with Corn proteins, Regenerating complex, Allantoin and Provitamin B5 and Liftiline(R) for an immediate tensor and smoothing effect.


Active ContourTM Age-Defying Cream

A comfort formula for ultra-sensitive skins is perfect for the eye contour areas with its multi-action cares – triple anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles and anti-eyebags action.