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Celebrities love this facial because they make skin look more plumped-up and glowy before a performance or red carpet appearance. 

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90 mins Pure Oxygenating Facial

Trial Session: $58 Nett 

100% Pure Medical Grade Oxygen Treatment


What makes our Pure Oxygenating Facial so different from other oxygen facials?

Prior to the process of pure oxygen infusion, our skilled therapist will "open up" the pathway of the meridian on your face to stimulate lymph flow and remove toxin.  Decongest your lymph nodes is crucial as it allows your skin to take in deeply 100% pure oxygen elixir that is pumped into your skin using a high energy air brush thereafter. 

  • Works as an anti-oxidant booster
  • Increases moisture levels of skin
  • Increases plumpness and smoothness
  • Refreshes and brightens dull, uneven skin
  • Soothes Eczema and hyper-sensitive skin
  • Reduces skin redness and inflammation on acne-prone skin
  • Increases blood circulation essential for detoxfication
  • Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Key Beauty-Boosting Benefits

Does Pure Oxygenating Facial Really Works?

The list of celebrities who are fans of oxygen facials is almost endless. What are the reasons behind its popularity? Not everyone knows how beneficial oxygen can be when it comes to countering harmful damages from our polluted environment. We are all oxygen deprived. Pollution and the harmful effects of the sun damages our skin. Damages will accumulate over time, resulting in very stressed, premature aged skin. As we age, the oxygen level in our skin will also begin to drop. You may start to notice that your skin becomes drier, dull, lack of energy and does not respond to your usual skincare.

Oxygen has incredible regenerative powers. It is essential for our skin as it provides life and energy to every living cells in our bodies. If your skin receives and maintains good oxygen level, you will ​get​ healthy, ​glowing​ beautiful skin.

Check out this video see how your skin can be infused with 100% pure oxygen, equivalent to doctor's grade!



Pure Oxygenating Facial can promote GOOD NIGHT SLEEP

Do You Know?

Have you been suffering from insomnia or non-quality sleep? Oxygen may be the antidote to your sleepless nights.  Now, you can sleep restfully with Pure Oxygenating Facial.  

Try a session today and you will start to notice an improvement in your mood. You will also sleep much better. Dizziness, fatigue and symptoms of depression will disappear because you are receiving the right amount of quality oxygen. You will look and feel much better.

Treatment Steps

Facial Mask Application

Facial Product Application

UV Skin Scan

Facial Extraction

Double Cleansing

Scrub and Steam

Pure Oxygen Infusion

Facial Massage

Decongest lymph nodes

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