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Guasha Facial + Head Massage at $58

Guasha Eye Treatment at $48

Guasha is a centuries-old effective technique with a long history that traces back all the way to Tang and Ming Dynasty. It does not only restore your youthful appearance, but also enhances your bodily health and beauty from within.

This painless, non-invasive and effective form of treatment is a natural alternative to conventional cosmetic procedures such as Botox and plastic surgery. It is performed by our highly skilled therapist using a special tool called horn spoon, to perform gentle sweeping strokes on your skin. This scraping process will help to remove toxin and improve "Qi" and blood circulation to revive aging and dull skin. 

In one session, you can experience instant radiance and glow while balancing your body and soul.

About Guasha Facial

T​here are major meridian lines ​on​ ​our​ face​.​ ​The​ points along these meridians correspond to ​our body's internal​ organs. By keeping all of these points open, we can prevent stagnation and the buildup of toxin in ​our​ organs. The scraping movement ​used in Guasha Facial ​is great for reducing inflammation and toning facial muscles which makes this treatment ideal for congested skin, as well as to maintain youthful, firm, vibrant skin.​ It is really relaxing and a great natural way to combat aging.

Why Guasha?

What makes our Guasha Facial so different from others?

Prior to the process of Guasha, our skilled therapist will "open up" the pathway of the meridian on your face to stimulate lymph flow and remove toxin. Decongest your lymph nodes is crucial as it allows the vitamins and minerals of the products to penetrate deeply into your skin. 

  1. Brighter, radiant healthier skin
  2. Regains elasticity
  3. Reduces double chin 
  4. Irons out fine lines & wrinkles 
  5. Uplifts sagging skin
  6. Reduces pore sizes 
  7. Reduces pimples
  8. Evens out skin tone 
  9. Helps decongest sinus 
  10. Lightens freckles
  11. Relieves migraines & stress
  12. Promotes better sleep

Benefits of Guasha Facial

Your 90 mins facial therapy includes:

Step 1: Skin analysis using UV Skin Scanner

Step 2: Cleansing

Step 3: Exfoliation using customised scrub

Step 4: Steaming to soften skin

Step 5: Painless extraction

Step 6: Decongest lymph nodes

Step 7: Guasha facial techniques

Step 8: Head massage to relieve tension and migraine

Step 9: Customised mask application

Step 10: Application of customised moisturiser and sunblock

Step 11: Home care advice

All Derma Dynamics Facial Skin Treatments Are "Powered By": Sothys & Dermalogica

About Guasha Eye Treatment

Prolonged computer users and those who often stay up late at night are often troubled by eye problems like puffiness, fine lines, droopy eyelids, dark eye circles and eye bags. 

You can also treat your eye problems with Guasha. 

The skin around our eye region is very sensitive, therefore the Guasha technique perform on skin is different and less intensive for the eyes. In fact, the overall process is very relaxing and soothing.

Benefits of Guasha Eye Treatment

  1. Removes dark eye circles
  2. Removes puffy eye bags
  3. Lightens pigmentation
  4. Reduces crows feet
  5. Drains away toxin
  6. Improves blood circulation

Your 45 mins eye therapy includes:

Step 1: Skin analysis using UV Skin Scanner

Step 2: Eye cleansing

Step 3: Eye exfoliation using customised scrub

Step 4: Guasha eye techniques

Step 5: Decongest lymph nodes

Step 6: Eye massage 

Step 7: Eye treatment mask 

Step 8: Application of eye products

Step 9: Home Care Advice

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